Jazz Free Internet Trick Updated 2013

Jazz Free Internet Trick Updated 2013

1-Go to settings>Access Points>options>create a new settings.
Here are the settings:-

Connection Name: Mobilink Wap

Data bearer: GPRS

Authentication: PAP OR Normal

Username: Mobilink

Password: Mobilink

APN(access point name): jazzwap.mobilinkworld.com

and save it.

2-Now press back button and click on internet profile>options>create a new internet profile.

Connection Name: Mobilink Wap

Use Proxy:On

Proxy Server Address (IP address):

Proxy sever port:9201 for HTML and 8080 for wap mobile browsers.

Access Point(APN):Mobilink Wap

and save it.

3-Go to your default browser>settings>Profiles and create a new profile.
Title or Profile Name: Mobilink Wap

Homepage: gamesandsoftwwarer.blogspot.com

Internet Profiles: Mobilink Wap

I assure you that it will solve your Problem .....
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